Stephanie Urbina Jones

Honky Tonk Mariachi

Country Music With Chili Peppers

🌶 First artist in the 93 year history of the Grand Ole Opry to bring mariachi to the stage 🌶

🌶 #1 Billboard Country Song Writer 🌶

🌶 #1 Texas Country Radio Artist 🌶

’Jolene.’ Genius. marrying country songs to latin rythms and mariachi horns is an idea that should have been hatched years ago. She makes this classic sound like a torrid mexican telenovela.

-Robert K. Oerrman / MusicROW Magazine



"I Never Promised You A Rose Garden"

by Stephanie Urbina Jones and the Honky Tonk Mariachis

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The Nashville Symphony

October 27, 2020

7:30 PM


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Preston “Shoes” Sullivan
Global Eyes Entertainment, LP

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