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Sacred Death: 25 Tools For Caregivers


Check out my chapter- Chapter 4: Midiwifing Miracles and Messengers of Love. Read the inspiring, bittersweet,  beautiful story of midwifing my grandmother from this world to the next and how in her death, I truly learned to live.


“Like a butterfly needs to
find it way our of a cocoon

In this life we all have things
we’ve gotta struggle through

From the darkness we are
led to the light of truth

Where sacred wounds are healed
and we are born from the blues…”

Stephanie Urbina Jones

Imagine being at peace with death. . .
. . . and not having to be afraid of that sacred journey.

This is a book of stories and inspiration. And it’s a little more than that. It’s a collaboration of 25 end-of-life experts, coaches, healers, therapists, and practitioners who’ve trained in modalities to assist the dying, and their caregivers. This is a powerful book with glimpses into what’s next for us. It’s a collection of brave authors who share, not only what death means to them, but how life has changed with their deeper understanding.

This is a book we can read, share, gift, and celebrate, a bold stance about all the many expressions of our final moments, and how to let go with, ease, grace, and love. These experts will show you how to do that.

This book will wrap you in gratitude, love, and joy. . .
. . . because who doesn’t want support with one of the most mysterious and misunderstood stages of life?


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